Transformation Team St. Louis

Transformation Team St. Louis

“We are Leaders of Leaders committed to activating Global Transformation through Empowerment, Awakening, and Unconditional Love NOW!!”

Transformation Team St. Louis is a group of 20 Leaders assembled by Pooki Lee early in 2014. We spent 3 months going through an intensive 90 day self-development program where we learned and experienced skills and techniques that have Empowered us with the ability and confidence to accomplish our goals and make our Dreams a Reality. Atter experiencing success on a personal level we have now focused our Creative Energies towards creating and supporting Community Service projects which will benefit the people ot St. Louis and Ultimately the World.

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Want to become a member to build our streets more prosperous? Become a member to evitalize the streets of the honorable name of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Are you a social media addict? Connect with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and subscribe to us on YouTube.

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Attend our Martin Luther King legacy walk to change the condition of these streets and bring back Martin Luther King’s legacy.

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Anything you give will be appreciated. Thank you for your donation in helping Beloved Streets of America.