Beloved Streets Planned Legacy Park
A Park dedicated to the Legacy of Dr. King and to the people from St. Louis that helped shape our culture. A place to Gather to hold events, speeches, and rallies, food, and music, family playtime, or quiet reflection. A place to Mobilize the community from this location to spur on the additional planned transformations. A place to learn about Dr. King’s dream that will be an attraction for the city and the region. A place to Enhance Pride in the community and improve the conditions for residents A place to honor local and national individuals and organizations that have positively impacted society, and specifically St. Louis.

The Park will have the following features:

  • Donor Recognition opportunities.
  • Information Signage and Exhibits Raised platform stage as a central feature.
  • Phase II shelter tor shade and rain protection.
  • Illuminated metal MLK sculpture on building wall.
  • Location for Corner sculpture.
  • Improvements to site drainage.
  • Features that are resistant to vandalism.
  • Creates gathering spaces for both large events and small groups.
  • Has an efficient setup for sound and lighting.
  • Cost of the construction is very efficient but maximizes impact.
  • Most features would require minimal maintenance.
  • Groupings of tables and benches.
  • Handicap Accessibility.
  • Strong presence at street corners.
  • Prominent light features at night.
  • Planting areas that are easy to maintain and cheap to build.
  • The circular walkway is attractive and inviting to walk around.
  • The Park is planned to be in place by August 2014.

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