Better Family Life

Better Family Life

BFL’s mission is to plan and establish social, cultural, artistic, youth, economic, housing, educational programs that help to promote positive and innovative changes within the metropolitan St. Louis area. Much of BFL’s programming is geared toward people who are unemployed, underemployed, disadvantaged, and skill-deficient.

BFL’s vision, in partnership with viable stakeholders, is to enlighten and empower people to develop vibrant communities and enhance the capabilities of its residents. Central to this vision is The Better Family Life Cultural, Educational and Business Center, which serves as the central hub of community gathering, learning, research, affordable housing and community development, entrepreneurial development and new business enterprise, vibrant neighborhoods, workforce development towards self-sufficiency and CIVIC activism.

Better Family Life, Inc. advocates the belief that a cohesive family is the foundation for every human being’s development. It endeavors to rehabilitate individuals on a complete cultural, educational, social, and economic level by helping them become self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

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